"Remember the Vision: North Florida Region #1"

Waterford Lakes “Who Dun It?”

How cool is it when an Act of Random Kindness is committed anonymously? The Waterford Lakes Market Center must be one of the coolest places in town, as just recently an agent’s bill, over $300, was paid by another agent anonymously.  Extenuating circumstances had taken over for one of Waterford Lake’s own, and yet his KW family recognized the need and filled it.

At the 2009 ALC Summit, the North Florida Region defined Culture as…”an environment of support, friendliness, helpfulness and camaradere.  No petty backbiting.  Striving for fairness, success, win-win if at all possible.  Nurting new agents, then asking them to “pass it on” to the new agents who follow them.”

What better example than this Act of Random Kindess,  as Culture Keeper who wishes to remain unknown, to helps lead and demonstrate the Keller Williams Culture of the North Florida Region?

Submitteed by Anne-Marie Appiah, Director of First Impressions of the Waterford Lake Market Center

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