"Remember the Vision: North Florida Region #1"

George Philbeck

When I first joined Keller Williams it was because the money was so much better than the traditional, broker driven, corporate office I used to be at.  Funny
thing though, after about one month with them, I started to see my business grow, partly due to the incredible training they offer.  Classes taught by real agents, doing business in the same market and knowing what works, teaching all of us what they do and how they do it.  This was a revolutionary
idea, and completely different from my last office where no one shared ideas, and every door was closed.  Very rarely would any 2 agents from the same company, let alone office, ever go on the same listing appointment, so why not share and we’ll all get better.  It works! I doubled my business the next year and should do that again this year.  Now, the money’s not that important.  I’m making more than ever before, but that’s because the training has allowed me to.  What an office and company!  Whatever took me so long to make the decision to join.  Best move I’ve ever made.  ~George Philbeck

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