"Remember the Vision: North Florida Region #1"

Jonathan Fitzgerald – Acts for Random Kindness

When we say our agents rock, we mean they not only rock but they help others to rock too!

Case in point – a radio that provided background music for the front lobby was fading away awash in static.  The DOFI on duty commented to an agent that it was quiet as a tomb in the entry area.  The agent smiled and agreed it was too quiet and did not provide a buffer for personal conversations of visitors to the front lobby.

The agent then went out to pick up some office supplies and when he returned, lo and behold he had some computer speakers.  The DOFI asked if the agent was loaning them for use in the front lobby and he said, “no, they’re for you to keep”!  He hooked the speakers up and provided a music interface so that soft music filled the empty airspace.

So, not only does this agent, Jonathan Fitzgerald rock, but he has enabled the front lobby to ROCK (softly) too!

Submitted by Gwen Allen, Director of First Impressions, Keller Williams at the Park, Orlando Central


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