"Remember the Vision: North Florida Region #1"

Georgia Alpizar
Regional Director

Georgia AlpizarGeorgia Alpizar has been in the Real Estate Industry since 1970 and has vast background from finance to Real Estate Sales and Management.  Georgia joined Keller Williams in 1999 and became the Team Leader of the Keller Williams Plano Market Center and served in this role for over 5 years.  In 2006, Georgia became the Regional Director for the North Florida Region which has over 2800 associates and 30 Market Centers.  She credits her move to Keller Williams to “the culture of the company and unlimited opportunities.”  During her role as Team Leader, she grew the market center to over 300 agents with consistent rankings in the top 5 internationally for profit and profit sharing.

In 2009, Georgia’s accomplishments were recognized by Keller Williams Realty International by being inducted as a charter member into the Team Leader “Hall of Fame” with 11 other inductees honored the first year.

Georgia earned her KW International Master Faculty designation in 2004 and currently trains in Austin, Florida and around the country.  She served on the original Agent Technology Council in 2003-2004 and became the Director of EagentC in 2005-2006.

In addition to her current role as the Regional Director of North Florida, Georgia is the Operating Principle of the Little Rock Market Center and is an investor in market centers located in California and Texas.

Georgia is passionate about sharing what she has learned over the years, believing wholeheartedly that training not only advances your career, it brings quality to your life.  Enthusiastic and energetic, Georgia strives to pass along her knowledge so others may “build an exciting and profitable career in real estate.”  Using credible, real life examples from her own extensive career, Georgia provides her students with the expertise needed to accomplish their goals.

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Sam Foster
Regional MCA/Compliance Coordinator

Sam joined Keller Williams in 2001 after relocating to Florida with her husband. During this time she had the opportunity to serve in several roles, including Market Center Administrator, Regional MCA, Interim Team Leader, Operating Partner and Market Center Investor. She has opened Business Centers, assisted with the launching of new Market Center, and transitioned ownership groups.

In 2008 Sam made the decision to step out of the Market Center and joined KW MCAngels Division as a support and financial analyst and at the same time joined the North Florida Region and the Southeast Region as a consultant assisting with financials and budgeting. She currently serves as Regional Operations Manager/MCA for the North Florida Region and as Regional MCA /Application Coordinator for the Southeast Region. Sam also has extensive experience as a public speaker, writer and consultant.

Sam’s accomplishments were recognized by Keller Williams Realty International in 2010 when she was inducted as a charter member into the Market Center Administrator “Hall of Fame”, along with 23 other inductees the first year.

Prior to joining Keller Williams, Sam’s background included marketing and public relations, private consulting, and business management. In 1988 she and her husband moved to Austrailia where they opened a scuba diving operation and retail establishment. There, she also obtained her real estate license and was an active real estate agent for 3 years, before returning to the United States in 1997.