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Meshia Richardson – Acts of Random Kindess

Meshia Richardson showed us a remarkable side of her last weekend. I find myself compelled to share with you, her utmost compassionate personality. On a recent Saturday morning, Meshia was heading into the Bradenton office. She was in the process of getting out her car when an elderly man approached her in a speedy pace. The elderly man was having a little bit of car trouble, and looking for immediate help. He told Meshia that he and his wife recently decided to move to this area from up north, and was in search of a home through Remax. They were headed to a Remax office when their car broke down in front of our office, and had no idea what was wrong. As big of a heart that Meshia has, one of her most divine mottos in life that she tends to follow is to “Pay it forward”.

She decided to be the super hero of the day. She called a tow truck company to pick the car up, and drove the couple to the repair shop herself. The repair shop did not offer rental vehicles, so she then drove the couple to the Sarasota airport for the couple would have transportation. The elderly couple was so grateful for Meshia and her unselfish acts; they asked what they could do in return. Meshia shared with them her favorite motto and stated just “Pay it forward”. The couple decided they wanted to do business with Meshia instead of Remax to purchase their new home. She has recently found a delightful house for them and has written a contract.

This is the kind of action that I like to see in this company. It shows that not only can we bring great business to this community but we can actually put out unselfish acts, and help people when they need it. It brings great business in its self when one lends a hand, and I am so grateful to be part of a business that has this kind of characteristic in the company.  So today take the time and reach out whenever possible. Not only does it make you as a person look good, or even Keller Williams look good; but the feeling that it brings in return, will light up your day. – Submitted by Ashlee Graziano, Director of First Impressions, Greater Manatee Market Center



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