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Michele Nilius – Acts of Random Kindness

I have an AORK story from our Brandon office. When I returned from vacation this week I was told of an event that occurred while I was out the week before. I am not going to use the real name of this person because I don’t want them to be embarrassed. An Agent was running very late for an appointment and went flying out the front door to their car, laid all their items on the trunk of their car and realized they had forgotten their phone. So the agent came back into the office grabbed their phone and called their appointment to say they were running late. Busy on the phone and late for the appointment they pulled out of the parking lot onto the very busy 6 lane highway and everything went flying off the back of the car, note books, papers, jacket and lunch box. My concierge Michele Nilius and our opportunity time agent noticed the items on the back of the car and ran through the parking lot to try to get the agents attention before pulling out but they didn’t make it in time. So Michele risked life and limb waited for a clearing and ran down the 6 lane highway to collect the items that had flown off the car.

The agent didn’t realize the lost items until reaching their appointment and Michele had called to say she had recovered most of the items. The agent laughed and after thanking Michele commented I was wondering where all those papers flying around the road came from!

This is just one of the many acts of random kindness Michele gives on a daily basis. She is truly the best concierge I have had and a great asset to our market center.

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