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Paula Williams – Acts of Random Kindness

Paula WilliamsPaula Williams has been with us for not quite 3 years and has had difficulty securing a steady inventory of listings.

Last week I called Paula only to find that she was just leaving one of her seller’s houses. She had only been working with him for a few days but when didn’t respond to her calls & texts that day she knew something was wrong. She stopped by his house just as he was returning home from the hospital. Turns out he was in a car accident with his dog. Because Paula was there she was able to help him into the house and give his dog attention while he got settled. And did I mention it was her birthday? She went over to her seller’s house on her birthday just to check up on him because she felt something was off.

It is this genuine concern for her clients that Paula now has 4 active listings! Talk about coming from contribution!

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