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Train the Presenter – Advanced Workshop
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Train the Trainer Advanced Workshop is designed for individuals who are passionate about creating learning experiences that engage, educate and inspire action.

The entire focus of this class is on practice and feedback, in an intensive and high-impact workshop environment. The advanced workshop is intended for current KWU faculty, those interested in pursuing certification, or those just looking to advance their training skills.

Prerequisite: Train the Trainer I or Train the Presenter


  • Learn what it takes to effectively prepare.
  • Showcase your presentation abilities.
  • Give and receive feedback that will contribute to learning and growth.
  • Improve your ability to engage your audience and increase class participation.
  • Add to your arsenal of classroom and teaching skills.



4 Responses to “Train the Presenter – Advanced Workshop
Register Here:

  1. I would love to attend this training. Please schedule me.

    Thank you,

    David Carmena

  2. Kim Roberts says:

    What is the cost? Please advise me when registration opens.

  3. region8 says:

    We are finalizing the details and registration will open within the next two weeks. We will post the link for registration here on the website.

  4. region8 says:

    Hi David,
    Have you taken Train the Presenter? If so, we will open registration within the next two weeks. Please check back periodically for the registration link and then you’ll be able to register. Thanks!

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