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Game Changers


The 2019 REAL Trends Game Changers is a subjective list of real estate industry professionals who REAL Trends thinks have the potential to change the game of real estate in the coming year.


Are there newsmakers? Yes. Are there powerful people? Of course. What makes this list different is that REAL Trends, through its brokerage consulting work, has the inside track on both big industry players and under-the-radar professionals who are running great companies. Our years of collecting data through the agent, team, brokerage and website rankings, CEO groups, and consulting work position us like no other to know the inner workings of real estate brokerages and affiliated companies. That’s why you’ll see everyone from network leaders and marketing gurus to community experts and tech wizards. We even threw in a few private-equity authorities as well. We use this knowledge to develop a list of professionals who are potentially changing the game of real estate in the coming year.


The criteria to be a REAL Trends Game Changer are simple. These are the people, in our opinion, who are the thought leaders of the industry. They are innovators, visionaries and doers. We did not ask for submissions. The REAL Trends team built a comprehensive list of over 125 industry professionals and researched what they and their companies have planned for the coming year. Some are on the cusp of a technological breakthrough, some are launching new, promising products and services, some are innovative in their growth strategies; all are influencers.

To narrow down the list, a REAL Trends committee of 10 people vetted and filled out a profile for each person on the list. Then, the REAL Trends four-person leadership team reviewed each of the remaining people to cull the list further. The number of people on the list will fluctuate from year to year.

We asked ourselves the following questions: Is this person doing something this year that may impact the industry? Is this person or company doing something innovative, unique or interesting? Will others benefit from what this industry leader or company is doing? If the answers were yes, the person was included on the list.

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