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SmartPlans Take The Guesswork Out Of Client Communication

Every person has a limit to the number of choices they can make in a day before decision fatigue settles in. Command, Keller Williams’ end-to-end operational system, has been built to provide agents with seamless support by automating the functionary aspects of your business so you can focus on cultivating deeper relationships with your clients.  

Nowhere is that automation more crystallized than through the use of  SmartPlans, a workflow management tool that empowers you to automate listing checklists, marketing touchpoints, drip campaigns, and more so you can take the guesswork out of client communications with clients and leads.

 “SmartPlans is revolutionary because it humanizes an automated marketing process,” says agent Chad Andrus of the Platinum Houston market center. “This is key, because clients want meaningful communication from their agents in the moments that matter. The era of mass ‘set it and forget it’ communication is over.” 

Automate the Functionary

With SmartPlans, you can customize and automate each of your touches, including checklists, drip campaigns, marketing, and more. Pre-built plans in the app library give you a place to start, so you can get up and running quickly or create plans from scratch to reflect the way you do business.

“I like to move quickly, so pre-built plans work well for me. Customizable plans are perfect for agents who are more analytical and detail-oriented,” says Andrus.

“The technology shines because it allows agents and teams to run in a system that works for them.”

The range of plans you can create within the SmartPlans app will cover the entire spectrum of client relationships, from simple “Happy Birthday!” emails and traditional touch campaigns to more sophisticated market listing plans that incorporate social media, direct mail, and email marketing all in one workflow.

Customize Your Workflows

Workflows within SmartPlans can be customized with decision trees as well, meaning that the app will automate your marketing plan based on certain conditions that are meant, whether lead source, client history, neighborhood, interests, or any other factors you choose.

For example, if you send an email to a client and they don’t open it, SmartPlans will be able to automatically use a decision tree to send the client a text as well to ask if they prefer text communications from you instead.

 “I love how SmartPlans automates and customizes communication to engage a response.”

-Chad Andrus

As Easy as Drag and Drop

Like the other applications within Command, SmartPlans was designed in Labs “by agents, for agents” to ensure the technology is intuitive to use. Applying SmartPlans couldn’t be easier, thanks to drag-and-drop functionality. If you meet a new client or have a list of leads that requires specific messaging, you can drop the contact or list into one of your templates to automatically launch the marketing campaign based on the individual’s or group’s needs and interests.

At the end of the day, the ultimate goal of SmartPlans is to provide an intelligent solution that gives the agent more time to focus on the client experience and to integrate seamlessly with the other applications offered within Command.

“Command has all the tools you use in one integrated platform, all with easy-to-follow dashboards that give you the state of your business at a glance.”

“And unlike any other system, Command understands our needs as Keller Williams agents and our language. It is built for the way we do business,” says Andrus.

To get started:

  • Upload your contacts into Command and input as many details as possible. SmartPlans will not work until your contacts are in the system.
  • Use customized tagging and grouping. The more organized your contacts are, the easier it’ll be to segment and assign the most appropriate and relevant SmartPlans to each contact.
  • Assign a SmartPlan, such as a Neighborhood Nurture, to your contacts. As activities within a SmartPlan get set off, the contact record will update in real time. This means you’ll be able to see which SmartPlan a contact/lead received and what the last touch was the minute you click into their record.


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