"Remember the Vision: North Florida Region #1"

The Brave Ones

At Keller Williams, we believe in the power of bold intention and brave action. Every day, our agents are contributing to their communities in untold ways, displaying moral strength and mental fortitude in the face of risk, difficulty, and uncertainty. Their willingness to operate differently has pushed our organization forward into new territories and allowed us to achieve more, together.

In this issue of Outfront Magazine, we spotlight several agents who teach us that bravery isn’t always the unimaginable courage of people rushing to the rescue, but the rising voice of confidence at the end of the day convincing us to try again. Meet the Brave Ones.

Gary Keller: Think Big, Act Bold, Be Brave

Defining Moments of Bravery at Keller Williams

When our first Associate Leadership Council convened in 1986, we decided that we would pursue BIG goals together to build a company the real estate industry had never seen. A company rooted in shared decision making, prosperity and well-being. We took risks, experienced failure and moved forward even when the path wasn’t clearly defined – learning that if we were committed to thinking big, the rewards would abound.

This spirit of bravery has paid off in immeasurable ways.

It has pushed us past our competitors in production, training and culture, and paved the way for new technology that will allow all of us to maximize our potential. What was once disjointed will now be seamless with Command – the first real estate-specific, platform-based CRM. For the first time, agents have access to a global real estate network with a simple voice or text command. And, soon, an end-to-end consumer experience will redefine the way business is done and set a precedent that no agent or company has attained.

It All Points Back to You

All of this has been made possible because of your bold intention and brave action. Your refusal to be whipped by the winds of change has empowered you to be the architect of your tomorrow and inspired us to achieve more, together.

As I reflect, this is not the company I envisioned when I created Keller Williams; it’s so much more. I am proud and honored to be your leader and look forward to what the future holds.


Gary Keller

Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO

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